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Information about WebGall

Information about WebGall and how it works

WebGall the photo gallery is a selection of photos I shot over the years. Some of them are not too bad but none of them is good enough for the Guggenheim museum...  So I thought the internet may be a good place to show them: the web cannot defend itself.
  • The gallery is bi-lingual: German and English (the English version is only as good as my skill in English…)
  • To change language: depending on what type of page you are on just click on your choice located at the top of the page or to the left of the caption underneath each picture - or click on the banner representing the desired language (top right on this page).
  • The gallery is organized in albums. Each album holds some handfuls of pictures around a certain subject, eg. "South Africa". When entering the gallery all available albums are offered by a single slide being displayed on a "light box". Clicking on a slide will open the album, and the image.
  • To navigate through the albums / images:
    • to proceed to the next / previous image:  click anywhere left / right in the image, or simply use the left/right arrow keys of your keyboard
    • to leave an album ("go upward"): click on the symbol or located at the top of the page, left of the heading
  • Help: A Help screen pops up by clicking on “Help” in the bottom frame (underneath the image, bottom row, far right) and tells you what choices you have to navigate through the images or "back up" to a different album.  KlickMeForAnExampleOf­Help
  • The size of the images should automatically adjust to your monitor's size and resolution, up to a maximum 1024 px. The gallery works fine with MSIE and Firefox (with very slight differences).
  • You may want to download images to print them out: Look for a funny little icon  to the very right of the caption table. Clicking it will open the image in a new window where you can right-click it and choose from the Windows-popup-menue. - Sorry not all of the images are prepared for downloading.
  • Please mind that all images and photos are copyrighted material... so please do not sell them and don't use them for anything else then for your own private purposes you better forget that.
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A bit of history, just in case you can’t stop reading this page, or cannot sleep:

The background story: After a crash of the old web editing software (having “optimized” it by simply clicking that button which was named "Optimize") most of the images were modified (index pictures resized up to 800x800, but most of the main picture as little as 100x100 or completely gone). More than that the whole lot more or less unaccessable for editing, leaving the complete site in a big mess. I found that the software I used so far was not really designed for photo gallery purposes although it offered an according function. So after a while I decided to throw it away and to start all over from scratch, so I had to look for an appropriate new software..

After searching the internet and checking here and there I found some useful (free) programs which I downloaded, installed and tested against my demands. I was lucky on fourth strike when I got into JAlbum, where I chose the Chameleon skin. 
is sincegenerated by this “couple” of software. Meanwhile they charge you money if you want to get rid of the commercials they supply the galleries with (you won't see any on WebGall), but basically it still is freeware and free of charge.

After having done some testing to get a feeling of how JAlbum works I am pretty sure now that the software and the structure of my web site is adequate to the purpose of the gallery, and thus will last and work fine for at least the next two hundred years. The gallery still is a working site and images / albums / texts are added on an unregular basis. Drop me a line if anything irritates you.

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